Embodied: Flesh & the Church isn't just a research project. 
It's personal.

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Olivia Blinn, creator

Embodied: Flesh & the Church started out as a research project, acting as a senior capstone for my degree in visual journalism. As I spent time researching, hearing people's stories and considering my own story, the project became so much more. It became a catalyst for healing — for myself and for others. It became a tool to spark conversations about modesty culture and the church. It became a means by which to consider ideas of the physical body, beauty and art. 

My desire is that the project would continue to challenge people's assumptions. I want people to find healing from their experiences, instead of continuing to feel shame. I want them to celebrate the physical bodies that God has created. I am often in awe of the fact that — because of the Incarnation — our embodiment makes us like Christ. I want other people to marvel at that truth, too.